Staff at Maker Faire

We are honored to have industry luminaries representing Audio Anecdotes at Maker Faire 2010 this weekend. Please stop by and say hello to:

* Both Days 5/22, 5/23:
* Me, Ken Greenebaum. In addition to creating the Audio Anecdotes books, I am a Digital Video engineer who has worked for [Silicon Graphics](, [Microsoft](, taught at [Digipen](, and is currently developing Video technologies at [Apple](

* JC Mitchell Video Industry Veteran has participated in the creation of the LaserDisc, DVD, and streaming video industries at companies including [Pioneer](, [LSI Logic](, [C-Cube](, [THX](, and Apple. JC is currently at [RGB Networks](

* Saturday 5/22:
* Braeden Burns, a veteran of Apple, Microsoft, and Al Gore’s cable network, [Current TV]( currently is an Interface Designer at [Vudu]( Outside of work Braeden composes angelic music with midi gear and is an avid reader of [MAKE magazine](

* Warren Mansfield is the Technical Director for Consumer Technologies at THX. Responsible for implementing THX features, standards and philosophies into Consumer Electronics products so that they can display the THX logo.

* Peter Vasay is VP of Technical Operations, being responsible for all technical activities, engineering, R&D and testing, within THX with respect to consumer audio, video, automotive as well as professional operations (cinema and screening rooms).

* Sunday 5/23:
* Christian Hresko is a veteran of the mobile device space having developed streaming audio and video for [BREW]( while at [mSpot](, and Win Mobile and Android at [Sony Ericsson]( He is currently working on Mobile Game Platforms at the iPhone startup, [ngmoco:)]( Prior to moving to the West Coast Christian developed underwater acoustics and 3D LIDAR visualization at the [](Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Lab).

* Will Perone, a Digipen grad, is a serial entrepreneur and independent game developer who has been developing games since age 11. Will created one of the first social casual games and one of the first virtual currency platforms for Flash. Will’s current venture is a turnkey international multi-platform billing solution for social games, MMOs and mobile games.

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