Monthly Archives: December 2010

Jamming to my Jambox

Intrigued, and loving my Jawbone Icon bluetooth headset’s support for A2DP (allowing me to listen to podcasts and the like cordlessly), I took the plunge and purchased the Aliph’s latest product, the Jambox battery operated bluetooth speaker as a somewhat expensive indulgence. I was hoping to use the Jambox with my iPhone to listen to […]

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David Thiel Pinball Composer

Audio Anecdotes Contributor, Microsoft Research Mentor, Father of Q*Bert’s voice, and good friend David Thiel has, among other things, been composing music and sound effects for Stern Pinball since leaving MSR. Stern being the sole remaining pinball maker makes David’s gig composing interactive scores and sound effects for pinball machines rather unique. David recently created […]

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Full circle

I recently learned that Audio Anecdote’s publisher, AK Peters, has merged with CRC Press of the Taylor and Francis Group. Having started my academic career as a chemical engineer I am of course very well acquainted with the CRC and most famously the Handbook of Chemistry and Physics (known simply as ‘the CRC’). Working with […]

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