Monthly Archives: February 2011

Homebrew Audio Synthesizers in an Altoids Can

We just submitted our Bay Area Maker Faire Proposal: “Homebrew Audio Synthesizers in a Mint Can” ┬áMaker #5001.

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Audio Illusions

I recently stumbled across, the father of Audio Scene Analysis, and Audio Anecdotes contributor, Al Bregman’s McGill website and was excited to find in addition to the theory of Audio Scene Analysis, the remarkable audio demos that originally accompanied his classic book . Audio Scene Analysis is the study of how we humans can make […]

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Baudline for the Mac!

Baudline, the versatile, free(!), audio spectrum analyzer/signal analysis application, is finally available for the mac. ┬áHaving an OS X version means I am far more likely to analyze a signal since I no longer have to boot into Linux or Windows to run baudline. While not a native Cocoa app baudline runs fast and updates […]

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