Baudline for the Mac!

Baudline, the versatile, free(!), audio spectrum analyzer/signal analysis application, is finally available for the mac.  Having an OS X version means I am far more likely to analyze a signal since I no longer have to boot into Linux or Windows to run baudline. While not a native Cocoa app baudline runs fast and updates smoothly using X-Windows on my MacBook Pro.

The baudline website is full of potential applications such as measuring audio distortion (SNR, THD, SINAD, ENOB, and SFDR), the blog contains more explorations, and be sure to try some of the posted mystery signals to have a little fun and learn about the power and application of baudline.

We plan to use baudline at our Maker Faire booth to help demonstrate audio synthesis algorithms.

Post if you can determine the specifics of the signal displayed in the screencapture.

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