AudioAnecdotes at MakerFaire2001

If  you are in the Bay Area please visit us at the Bay Area Maker Faire today and tomorrow (5/21 – 5/22/11) for our exhibit: Homebrew Audio Synthesizers in a mint can.

We are located in the Fiesta Hall Digital Sound Space (that is the hall with the Tesla Coils, but we are in a side-gallery next to our friends from Stanford CCRMA)

Robert Quattlebaum will be demoing high performance audio synthesis on his mint can sized ybox2 board running the popular 8-core Parallax Propeller micro-controller. He will also be demoing a 10 oscillator modal synthesizer (from AAv3) using a homebrew Atmel AVR based slider box based on Ashley surplus Eq boards created for us by Rob Scott.

Erik Olson will be helping to visual the synthesizer output (as well as analyzing vibration modes of real-world-objects) via his Baudline spectrum analyzer.

Of course we will have all three AudioAnecdotes books available to leaf through, too.  Please drop by to say hello.

Unfortunately it seems as if I may have to sit Maker Faire out this year not quite recuperated yet so please be sure to email me if you stopped by the booth and have any questions!

All source code will be made available on github (more announcements to follow)

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