Getting Old: It is not an eye test!

I tried the Canadian Union Hearing Aid Center ‘Eye’ Test that has been circulating on the blogosphere.  Except it isn’t really an eye test at all:

They feel that people are more willing to have their eye sight tested than their hearing so they masquerade a hearing test as an eye test.

Am I getting old? I am disappointed I didn’t hear the embedded high frequency tone.

At first I blamed it on my laptop filtering the supposed noise. But then I ran the baudline spectrum analyzer using my laptop’s open mic. Sure enough there is a signal at 14250Hz (drat):

Untitled 20




Now I am blaming it on my cold!

But in case I am wrong read up on how age effects the upper range of the accepted human 20-20kHz hearing response via the wikipedia Fletcher-Munson Equal-loudness Curve article, and in more depth in Audio Anecdotes Volume 1.

Share your experience (and include the device used)!

Adendun: I can hear the tone on my iPhone especially with headphones but I do seem to be losing the frequency.  Maybe it is just the cold…


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