Bluetooth over MIDI

The Moog Model 15 Modular Synthesizer app has me looking for a Bluetooth over MIDI solution (Apple incorporates native MIDI over Bluetooth LE support in iOS9: spec, tech note for app developers). I want to skip over the kludgey USB-MIDI-Camera Connection dongle stack to interface my old Roland keyboard to the iPad (replacing the ancient Yamaha CBX-T3 General MIDI Synth I have used forever).

Considering the mi.1 produced by quicco sound, a Japanese startup seems to be composed of old hands from Roland and Yamaha who introduced the mi.1 as their first product in a successful IndieGoGo campaign a while back. Like the size and self powered operation but am concerned about latency (the mi.1 FAQ states an additional 8.4ms latency over wired MIDI; not insignificant (see Derek DiFilippo‘s Audio Anecdotes Vol 1 article on perceptual audio latency) especially when added to the base wired MIDI latency, latency of the synth app, and latency of the app/coreAudio audio output.

From the original current loop interface, through MIDI over Ethernet, to now wireless MIDI over Bluetooth, MIDI is the standard that refuses to go away!

What are your experiences with MIDI over Bluetooth?

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