Books and CD-ROMs (what are those?)


Missing Disks?

Matthijs Hollemans, fellow audio enthusiast and author (check out his recently published book: Code your own Synth Plug-Ins) kindly informed me that he didn’t receive the CDROM with his second printing of Audio Anecdotes Volume 2. This is frustrating since my contributors and I worked so hard to make the algorithms and concepts experiential, going so far as to make the code cross-compile on Mac, Windows, and Linux.

I have reached out, but not yet heard back from our new publisher, Taylor and FrancisCRC Press.

In the mean time I will try to provide CD-ROM images to download (look for a new posting soon), and will examine the state of the AudioAnecdotes GitHub repository.

Longer term I will try to rethink the online material as the CD-ROM as well as it’s web server approach is at best dated.

Please reach out if you, too, are missing the CD-ROM, or would like to help rethink how best to share and then present the code and media in the era of the eBook!

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