AudioAnecdotes CDROM images

I have been busy but haven’t forgotten the apparently missing CDROMs. Still have not heard back from Taylor & Francis, and am consequently posting the images for the CDROMs that originally accompanied the book here; at least temporarily.

Please be respectful of the publisher, and our authors, by not further distributing, or uploading these images elsewhere.

If you happen upon these images, find them interesting (or even useful) then please consider purchasing your own copy of the book(s) now in paperback and ebook.


Unless otherwise specified, the contents of the CD-ROM images are protected by the BSD license, and the reader may use the source code provided for any purpose as long as the following statement is prominently displayed:

This product includes code from Audio Anecdotes: Tools, Tips, and Techniques for Digital Audio, edited by Ken Greenebaum and Ronen Barzel, published by A K Peters, Ltd.

The contents of these CD-ROM images are to be used at your own risk: Ken Greenebaum, Ronen Barzel, and A K Peters make no claim regarding the suitability of this material for any use.


Also know that the installation scheme, which includes running a web-server to execute the demos, is likely not secure, nor a particularly viable approach in 2022, consequently please use these images to access the code, executables, and media.

That said I do welcome suggestions, and support regarding modernizing the code and installer, and always enjoy your feedback.

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