Article Solicitation


The Audio Anecdotes project, in the spirit of Andrew Glassner’s Graphics Gems, is a cookbook of audio algorithms, techniques, and implementations contributed by the community.

Books such as Graphics Gems and Numerical Recipes have inspired me and this effort. No similar book exists spanning the field of Computer Audio. I have time after time wanted to reach for such a reference. We now have a chance to help create it and help unify the audio community in the process!


The articles will be short, focused on specific issues, contain illustrations and working C code examples where possible (code will call a generic audio I/O library and will not be platform specific). Articles will provide liberal references to standard sources of information instead of attempting to provide all background information.

How You Can Help

Most importantly contact me regarding articles you would like to write! Experts are needed to help verify technical correctness. We also need people to help implement the platform independent audio library on various platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux, SGI, etc.

Audio Anecdotes?

Yes its a funny name; we like alliteration. We are also considering Audio Applets, Sound Samples, Sound Snippets, and others too embarrassing to mention.

Incomplete list of topic areas

Synthesis (noise, additive, subtractive), oscillators, audio synthesis, filters, DSP, 3D/HRTF techniques, echo cancellation, compression/expansion, effects (chorus, reverb, flange, time scaling), fifo/ring buffer implementation and math, analysis, human physiology (masking, minimum detectable change), physics of audio (propagation speed, attenuation, doppler, sound pressure levels), sonification, synchronization(LTC, SPMTE, resampling), compression (lossless, lossy), telephonics (DTMF encode/decode, voice gates, signal detectors), file formats, audio representation (PCM, Frequency domain), mathematics of audio (dB, power), fast math tricks…

See our list of topcis for a more complete list!

Thanks, I look forward to hearing from you! —Ken Greenebaum