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I am an early adopted and fan of Jawbone’s Jambox and find myself using it much more than I hoped I would (surprising for a tech gizmo). I was intrigued by an email promising a 2.0 Jambox firmware update containing LIVEAUDIO, a feature hyped as increasing “depth, detail, and unprecedented spatial realism” to this tiny […]

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AudioAnecdotes at MakerFaire2001

If  you are in the Bay Area please visit us at the Bay Area Maker Faire today and tomorrow (5/21 – 5/22/11) for our exhibit: Homebrew Audio Synthesizers in a mint can. We are located in the Fiesta Hall Digital Sound Space (that is the hall with the Tesla Coils, but we are in a […]

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The missing harmonic

A sneak-peak of our upcoming Audio Anecdotes 2011 Maker Faire project: Synthesizer in an Altoids Can. This is a snapshot of a baudline spectagram of our first test signal. Notice anything unusual? Why is there a missing harmonic?

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The Information: A History, a Theory, a Flood

I just ordered James Gleick’s, and am pretty excited about it. Information theory is so incredibly elegant and ineffable (especially to the students in my DigiPen compression class). It feels as if we are still just scratching at the implications in terms of encoding, transmission, compression, encryption, and perhaps genetics, conscious ness and the nature […]

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Rest in Peace Owsley

Rest in Peace Owsley “Bear” Stanley; the world is now a little less colorful place. Perhaps best know as the sound engineer who helped inspire the Grateful Dead‘s infamous Wall of Sound public address system that helped define the sound of live rock shows. Amazing for the early 1970’s the P.A. was powered by over 26,000 […]

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Homebrew Audio Synthesizers in an Altoids Can

We just submitted our Bay Area Maker Faire Proposal: “Homebrew Audio Synthesizers in a Mint Can”  Maker #5001.

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Audio Illusions

I recently stumbled across, the father of Audio Scene Analysis, and Audio Anecdotes contributor, Al Bregman’s McGill website and was excited to find in addition to the theory of Audio Scene Analysis, the remarkable audio demos that originally accompanied his classic book . Audio Scene Analysis is the study of how we humans can make […]

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Baudline for the Mac!

Baudline, the versatile, free(!), audio spectrum analyzer/signal analysis application, is finally available for the mac.  Having an OS X version means I am far more likely to analyze a signal since I no longer have to boot into Linux or Windows to run baudline. While not a native Cocoa app baudline runs fast and updates […]

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Thoughts for Maker Faire 2011

Usually I get off to a late start, but this year we are already beginning to brainstorm for  at Maker Faire 2011 (May 21-22nd, San Mateo Fairgrounds). The idea this year is to allow participants to experiment with the various sound synthesis algorithms described in the books: FM, modal, subtractive, granular, physical, etc. Participants will get […]

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Pre-order The SuperCollider Book!

My colleague and SuperCollider creator, James McCartney, tells me that the long wait for the SuperCollider book is almost over. The book will shortly be released on MIT Press, and may be if you can’t wait! For those not yet indoctrinated, SuperCollider is a special purpose programming language environment for real-time audio synthesis and algorithmic composition […]

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