Author’s Guide

This page describes guidlines for writing articles for the Audio Anecdotes project. We expect to refine this page as the project moves forward.

As articles will be technical, reference, or artistic include elements detailed below as appropriate.

  • Working C based example code
    Technical articles describing algorithms should provide a short working C implementation of the algorithm in practice if at all possible. Since the code will appear in the body of the article it should itself add to the clarity of the article

    • Example will use the device independent generic audio library (GAL specification coming soon. For now think SGI’s AL)
    • Fully commented and largely self describing
    • Formated to use 4 space K&R style
    • C++ comments OK
    • C++ constructs OK if justified!
  • Author’s contact information
    We need this information both to contact you and for inclusion in the book.

    • Name, Title
    • Company or Affilition
    • Address
    • email
    • Phone number
    • Optional 1-line bio
  • Citations
    We very much want this work to be a starting point for the community, as such we want to provide information on how to continue researching any given topic.

    • Bibliography of related work and background material (Citations in Chicago Manual of Style format)
    • Provide known patent status
  • Terms for Glossary/Index
    We intend to include a useful index as well as a glossary of terms.

    • List of terms you feel should be added to the index
    • Definition of any terms you feel are unique and should be in the glossary
  • Context of technique or algorithm/Index
    To provide perspective and interest the following information is suggested

    • Brief history
    • example application (including tradeoffs)
  • Explanation of technique or algorithm/Index
    The explanation provides the basis to evaluate the merits and applicability of a technique. While we don’t have the space to be a tutorial, referencing background information is encouraged.

    • Be clear and concise!
    • Code when provided should provide self description
    • OK to explain implementation
    • Please provide tradeoffs
    • Article length as appropriate. I envision articles of between one and ten pages in length including code.
  • Diagrams, Photos, Illustrations, and Sound files
    All of the above are encouraged when they help support the article. We are going to include a CDROM which will contain the example code, example sound files, etc.

    • Please provide camera ready art
    • Art should be in electronic format if at all possible!
  • Submission format
    We are attempting to be flexible with the electronic formats we will accept. Articles with heavy mathematical typesetting requirements should be in TeX or LaTex. Otherwise straight ascii text or Microsoft Word would be best.
  • Schedule and Deadline
    While we are still finalizing the schedule and deadlines please contact me ASAP so I can researve your chosen topic area and coordinate this project!Please submit a few-paragraph description of the scope of the article you propose and the specific areas you hope to cover. Include details of programs, charts or illustrations you will provide.

Comments? Suggestions? Want to submit an article? Please let me know!