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AudioAnecdotes CDROM images

I have made the CDROM images that accompanied the original printing of the Audio Anecdotes books available online.

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Books and CD-ROMs (what are those?)

Missing Disks? Matthijs Hollemans, fellow audio enthusiast and author (check out his recently published book: Code your own Synth Plug-Ins) kindly informed me that he didn’t receive the CDROM with his second printing of Audio Anecdotes Volume 2. This is frustrating since my contributors and I worked so hard to make the algorithms and concepts […]

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Moogaliscious Moog Model 15 reborn as iPad App

A friend just forwarded me this YouTube demonstration of what looks to be an incredible new app from the developers of animoog; a polyphonic replica of the Moog Model 15 the classic 1970’s era analog Moog modular synthesizer designed for touring which has recently been put back into limited production for the not so modest sounding […]

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The Audio Programming Book

 from MIT Press by Richard Boulanger (editor of ), and Victor Lazzarini. Forward by the esteemed Max Mathews. A fantastic resource for all C/C++ audio developers. Have heard anecdotally that this book was ~10 years in the making.

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The Information: A History, a Theory, a Flood

I just ordered James Gleick’s, and am pretty excited about it. Information theory is so incredibly elegant and ineffable (especially to the students in my DigiPen compression class). It feels as if we are still just scratching at the implications in terms of encoding, transmission, compression, encryption, and perhaps genetics, conscious ness and the nature […]

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Audio Illusions

I recently stumbled across, the father of Audio Scene Analysis, and Audio Anecdotes contributor, Al Bregman’s McGill website and was excited to find in addition to the theory of Audio Scene Analysis, the remarkable audio demos that originally accompanied his classic book . Audio Scene Analysis is the study of how we humans can make […]

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Pre-order The SuperCollider Book!

My colleague and SuperCollider creator, James McCartney, tells me that the long wait for the SuperCollider book is almost over. The book will shortly be released on MIT Press, and may be if you can’t wait! For those not yet indoctrinated, SuperCollider is a special purpose programming language environment for real-time audio synthesis and algorithmic composition […]

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