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Pre-order The SuperCollider Book!

My colleague and SuperCollider creator, James McCartney, tells me that the long wait for the SuperCollider book is almost over. The book will shortly be released on MIT Press, and may be if you can’t wait! For those not yet indoctrinated, SuperCollider is a special purpose programming language environment for real-time audio synthesis and algorithmic composition […]

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Sonic Sculpture

Being a fan of sound synthesis via (digital) physical modeling I am amazed by the Swiss artist Zimoun‘s physical kinetic sonic sculpture: Swissnex will be exhibiting Zimoun’s works in San Francisco January 22 to February 26th 2011. Contact me if you would like to go together.

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Full circle

I recently learned that Audio Anecdote’s publisher, AK Peters, has merged with CRC Press of the Taylor and Francis Group. Having started my academic career as a chemical engineer I am of course very well acquainted with the CRC and most famously the Handbook of Chemistry and Physics (known simply as ‘the CRC’). Working with […]

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Coming Soon: AudioAnecdotes on Github

Coincident with [Maker Faire 2010]( Steven DiRocco is helping us realize a long-term goal: making AudioAnecdotes code and projects publicly accessible. Real-soon-now you will be able to access and contribute to AudioAnecdotes projects at a [Github repository]( We will start with the following: * Content: * Audio Anecdotes Volume 1, 2, 3 * Example code/demos […]

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Staff at Maker Faire

We are honored to have industry luminaries representing Audio Anecdotes at Maker Faire 2010 this weekend. Please stop by and say hello to: * Both Days 5/22, 5/23: * Me, Ken Greenebaum. In addition to creating the Audio Anecdotes books, I am a Digital Video engineer who has worked for [Silicon Graphics](, [Microsoft](, taught at […]

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Preparing for Maker Faire 2010

Audio Anecdotes will be returning to Maker Faire this year the weekend of May 22nd and 23rd. More info to follow!

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Meet us at the 2009 Maker Faire!

Audio Anecdotes will have a table at the  2009 Maker Faire in the Bay Area the weekend of May 30th. Come visit us, meet Audio Anecdotes authors, interact with demos, and participate in new open-source projects.

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Welcome to Audio Anecdotes

Audio Anecdotes is the title of a community contributed Audio Cookbook in the spirit of Andrew Glassner‘s classic series. Please read our article solicitation, and topics list, to get a better idea of what is coming and how you can help. If you are interested in contributing articles (see author’s guide), have questions or suggestions […]

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