“A fine and authoritative collection of essays on fundamental issues in digital audio”
Journal of the AES Review, March 2005

“Professionally compiled and deftly co-edited by the team of Ken Greenebaum and Ronen Barzel, Audio Anecdotes II: Tools, Tips, And Techniques for Digital Audio is a handy manual of tips, tricks, and techniques especially for professionals in the digital audio field.” “A superb reference, resource, and research tool highly recommended for anyone applying digital sound to computer-created projects, including musicians, game developers, and software producers”
Midwest Book Reviews,
January 2005

The appeal of this book is its practical usefulness, the variety of approaches taken within some chapters, its accessibility, and the breadth of experience brought to bear, particularly from a technical perspective. In these terms, it is likely to be a handy reference book on many shelves in educational, artistic, and engineering settings, and it certainly fills a gap in some of the current tutorial offerings.”
Computer Music Journal, April 2009

“The editors’ goal for this book was to provide an accessible introduction to research in digital audio and its associated software…”
Computing Reviews, June 2005

“The wonderful thing about this book is that it contains well-written introductions to many subjects, including sound propagation, auditory scene analysis, audio file formats, and rate conversion, that otherwise might be found in magazines, on the Internet, or not at all.”
Audio Engineering Society, March 2005

“Audio Anecdotes ‘is like a Swiss army knife of information about digital audio.'”
Journal of Audio Engineering, February 2005

“A highly recommended supplementary educational text for anyone pursuing or involved in a career in the digital audio field.”
Library Bookwatch, July 2004