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‘Here’ no evil

I am very disappointed to learn of the dissolution of Doppler Labs and the discontinuation of their Dubs┬ápassive hearing protectors and highly innovative active Here One bluetooth ear buds. Doppler created a new product category for a consumer product designed to augment normal people’s hearing. To pull this off requires solving many audio engineering challenges […]

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Bluetooth over MIDI

The Moog Model 15 Modular Synthesizer app has me looking for a Bluetooth over MIDI solution (Apple incorporates native MIDI over Bluetooth LE support in iOS9:┬áspec, tech note for app developers). I want to skip over the kludgey USB-MIDI-Camera Connection dongle stack to interface my old Roland keyboard to the iPad (replacing the ancient Yamaha […]

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Jamming to my Jambox

Intrigued, and loving my Jawbone Icon bluetooth headset’s support for A2DP (allowing me to listen to podcasts and the like cordlessly), I took the plunge and purchased the Aliph’s latest product, the Jambox battery operated bluetooth speaker as a somewhat expensive indulgence. I was hoping to use the Jambox with my iPhone to listen to […]

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